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Friday, June 30, 2006

Just about time to pull chocks for the house

It's a long weekend for me and I'm going to start it in just a few minutes. I've deleted 357 emails today and sorted and filed 1/2 that many more that I couldn't loose. I haven't gotten my continuity books built yet but I have cleared off most of my work area. So I'm bugging out when I finish this post.

What am I doing this weekend? [this post really needs some links...] Let's see. Tonight is a Raptors baseball game with the spouse. So far the Raptors and Owlz are just knocking each other around in silly ways with big, lopsided scores, some going in favor of the Raptors and some not. I think they are just about even in total wins. Hopefully tonight's game will be another great game.

Saturday I hope to be getting the scooter put back together, if the parts arrive today as Alan promised. The (2nd) mirror mount broke last weekend and I didn't feel like fabricating my own like I did last summer. I've still got carb problems and I'm hoping to resolve those too. Sunday  I'm supposed to meet Mrs. Flyboy for coffee and an hour or two away from her kids and then go to the Cache Valley Cruise-In car show with my buddy Loc. Either Monday or Tuesday I'm hoping to take the BSU to Lagoon Amusement Park for an afternoon and evening of rides, summer foods and maybe some play in the water park.

In between all that we are talking about a drive-in movie trip and hopefully getting to see Kye, Sara and Astin for a picnic or something resembling one. I'll try to remember to take some pictures worthy of posting here later.

Finally, a Cars collection update: I've scored the 2nd of the three colors that Lowrider Ramone is available in from the Golden Arches place. I'm still unhappy that there's no Jeep character or the little forklift guy in the set...

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